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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh hello there again.  Nice to see you!

I have been, believe or not, quite busy.  And not the fake internship busy, REAL busy.  I'm working on three literature review for three different research projects.  I don't really want to research, I decided.  But I guess they figure if I'm gonna be telling folks how to do it, I had better done it myself. A LOT.

(My grammar's not so good.  Brain is mush.)

I decided to start volunteering at a library.  You know, one 17-hour day I thought to myself, "you know what sounds good? Having more stuff to do!"  Ask and ye shall recieve.  So instead of my weekly schedule fitting nicely onto my Google Calendar, I'm at total system overload.   I have a terribly short attention span.  I absolutely cannot sit down and work on something for more than half an hour without taking at least a 10 minute break.  I usually start writing a paper a good week in advance, it just takes me that long to do it! 

These are all things that are boring to you.  I am boring (though, mostly, not bored).  I found this funny comic which pretty much summarizes my daily thought process.  Enjoy.