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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Small updates

Oh wow, I haven't written here in a while.  I can chalk that up to being fairly uninspired, busy with packing/worrying about jobs/applying for jobs/writing to-do lists/cleaning, etc.  I'm keeping a "things we need to do before leaving the state" list on our fridge and every time I cross something off, I find out something else to add!  I'm ready to get this show on the road, I tell you what.

My car's check engine light is on AGAIN.  Normally I wouldn't worry about it, it often turns on because I need a new gas cap and whenever the current gas cap gets too loose the light comes on.  But because I'm about to drive across the country, I want to get it checked out.  I called around to a few places and they all charge a crazy amount to get the damn light turned off (like $75!) so I'm waiting for Ed's friend to get back from Chicago, a friend who has a car scanner diagnostic thingy.  He can't turn the light off, but he can tell me if there's something wrong.  Whew!

I'm getting discouraged about jobs and, of course, worried we won't be able to pay rent.  I know, I know. It'll be easier when I get there and can follow-up with people in person and all that.  But my thought is, "what if it's not?"  We'll find something, we always do. (Except that one time when Ed was unemployed for like 4 months and I dipped WAY TOO MUCH into savings to support the both of us and I know that neither one of us will be able to do that again, at least until we re-pad our savings.  But I digress.)

Yesterday was a nice summer day where we didn't worry about jobs or money or lists (also: I often say "we" when I just mean "me".  Ed doesn't worry about things too much, he's more of a proactive, "what does worrying accomplish" kind of guy.  But I don't feel so crazy when I pretend like we're in it together!).  We took the pup downtown and wandered around seeing the sights that are so familiar but are almost only memories.  Then we got drinks at our favorite on-campus coffee shop and all the passerby swooned over the Gus Puppy.  We got home and watched THREE movies in a row.

Today is the start of my last week of work.  A week that because of a special annual conference we hold for select former clients, is going to be crazy and way more than 40 hours.  However, Ed and I have started a little call-and-response wherein he asks, "Hey Rebecca, do you work next Tuesday?" and I shout "No work on Tuesday!" and he says "How 'bout on Wednesday?" and I shout "No work on Wednesday" and he goes "Oh, so you must work on Monday, then?" and I shout "No work on Monday!" and so on.  Most days I think that if Gus can understand us, he thinks we're crazy.

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