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Saturday, July 23, 2011

San Francisco chic #1

I've been recovering from many consecutive days of work and school, followed by a week-long vacation in San Francisco.  We went to celebrate many things! Specifically, Ed's graduation from his 2-year character animation program and our 4 year anniversary.  Growing up, these kids.

Packing, and subsequently dressing, for San Francisco is tricky this time of year.  We need it would be foggy and chilly, but we've been in Texas so long we kind of didn't know what that meant.  Which means I brought things that were way too warm (scarves, etc.) or way not warm enough (tank tops).  Layering was the key.

We arrived in San Francisco on a Wednesday and Ed's graduation ceremony was Saturday; I was feeling a bit bummed because Wednesday through Friday had been FREEZING (to Texan standards) and while I had brought tights, I really didn't want to wear them with my graduation dress because it's so damn cute.  Fortunately, Saturday warmed up considerably and I was able to go sans tights (and as the day progressed, sans cardigan). 

I have one hell of a handsome boyfriend, don't I?  Ladies and gentlemen, he's taken.

On me:
Dress: Spotted Moth
Shoes: Steve Madden

On him:
Suit and shoes: thrifted (SERIOUSLY!)
Shirt: Old Navy
Tie: Land's End

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  1. 4 years!! Where does the time go?
    Anyways, sigh, I miss you two.