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Thursday, July 28, 2011

San Francisco chic #2

The Mission district.

Sigh, it's a wonderful place, if all but gentrified.  There's so much greenery and wonderful food and people with dogs.  And people with tattoos!  Which reminds me--there are shockingly few people with tattoos in San Francisco.  I know I've become accustomed to the tattoo-clad whatwith living in Austin where everyone and their grandparents have tattoos, but sheesh San Francisco, making me feel like a freak.

Anyway, on the Friday of our trip, we spent the morning in Emeryville--a small suburb between Oakland and Berkeley.  Ed's school was entirely online, but the offices are based in Emeryville and they had an open house where we could meet all the instructors and other students and whatnot.  It was very funny watching Ed interact with his former classmates, not only because Ed is a bit shy and so are animators in general, but because they had never met in real life.  I wish I could meet my internet friends, harumph.

After a full morning of schmoozing, we headed to the Mission district to refuel on burritos.  They were good, way better than any burrito you can get here in Texas and nay, dare I say, even better than my beloved Big Ten Burrito (and just as cheap!)

This is what I wore to the event and then into the Mission. I'm standing in front of a mural of cartoon superheroes because if there were to be any place in the world with a mural of such a subject, it would be in the Mission.  Shit has murals all over the place.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Pants: Gap, thrifted
Shoes: Toms
Batman: I like to pretend its Christian Bale

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