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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wakka wakka

You know the kind of weekend that was so much fun that you don't want it to end so you stay up really late on Sunday, just daring Monday to show its ugly mug?  That's the kind that I had!  And Monday wasn't so bad, but this morning is rough.

Since I have a more-or-less flexible work day on Mondays, I was planning on getting a lot of things done: uploading pictures from Jamaica, paying bills, making dinner, and unpacking (I'm a terrible unpacker).  The nice weather has thwarted all plans and intentions of productivity.  In the winter, it's easy to sit inside and blog and watch TV and get bored and do household stuff.  In fact, the reason I started this blog in the first place is because the winter doldrums made me so completely bored that I had to develop a hobby.  Now that the weather is nice, when I get home I want to be outside as much as possible, and since it doesn't get dark until like 8:30, it's hard to get things done!  Consequently, the only items I crossed off on the to-do list were unpacking and paying bills (DAMN YOU, LATE FEES!). 

I forgot to take my Paxil to Jamaica and I noticed that I had no anxiety whatsoever.  Not all that surprising since my daily schedule in Jamaica looked like this:
9am: wake up, eat breakfast at the lovely resort restaurant
10:30am: get on bus to Montego Bay resort
11am: swim, tan, play shuffle board, read, relax
12:30pm: lunch
1:15pm: swim, tan, play shuffle board, read, relax
2pm: take bus back to Carlyle Inn resort
2:15pm-4:30pm: NAP.  So much napping.  Napping is great.  Our day had been exhausting.
4:30pm: get ready for dinner
5:30pm: take bus back to Montego Bay for dinner
6pm-ALL NIGHT LONG: dinner, dance, drink, be merry

Grueling, I know.  But really, not a drop of anxiety.  Ed and I never once argued about minutia, I didn't feel worried about schedules (there were a few "scheduled" events for the wedding, like the rehearsal dinner), and I was in a good mood for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT.  Really, even the delay on the return flight only had me mildly annoyed.  I was sharing this sentiment with Ed when we decided to brainstorm ways to make Home more like Vacation and came up with the following:
  • spend as much time outside as possible.  I totally believe that a lack of sunshine in the winter contributes to my anxiety and depression.  
  • read one book a month.  There just seems to be something completely luxurious in taking time out of the day to do something totally unproductive and selfish.  I need to make this a priority.  (I'm currently re-reading The Poisonwood Bible, and I have many short story collections lined up.)
  • do not turn on the TV for at least two hours after returning home from work.  I found that my time spent not working wasn't very satisfying, likely due to the large amount of TV I was watching.  This should no longer be a problem due to the first two rules.
So forgive me, loyal fan(s) for the sparse posting.  I'm enjoying the sunshine!  Playing with my puppy!  Reading!  I hope you're doing the same. 

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