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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I obviously have too much time on my hands

Ed doesn't read this blog so I think this is a safe space to make a confession: I seriously CANNOT stay away from wedding blogs.  There are so many!  And they all look so cute and easy and lovely!  I used to think that the reason our divorce rate is so high is because women are programmed to value the wedding more than the marriage.  I still think so, for the most part.  But look at me, I want to be pretty and have a big party and get one million gifts! (If I were really feeling vulnerable, I might confess that it's possible I've scoped out some dresses on J.Crew.  IF.)

(We need a blender, new towels, a slow-cooker, nicer bedding, new dishes and silverware, a Wii, and we each have an extensive Amazon wish-list.  You know, if you want to buy something preemptively.)

(I should also mention, MOM, that Ed and I are not engaged.  Not even close.  He told me that he wanted to wait until I at least get out of grad school, which makes sense because we might be more settled both career-wise and financially then.  Also, I think he needs some time to cool down from overseeing me on that J.Crew website.  I'm not sure he believes that white maxi dresses are "just in this summer".)

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