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Friday, July 9, 2010

Obstacles to productivity

Oh man have I been absent for all the right reasons.  Namely, being funemployed.  I love when people ask if I want to hang out and when I reply in the affirmative and they ask, "when's good?" I can say in all sincerity "literally ANY TIME."  I've been sleeping in a lot, going to the gym on occasion, reading fiction, thumbing through back issues of "Real Simple" magazine.  I realized recently that the targeted demographic for that magazine is like white, 35-45 year olds with children.  I am so FAR outside of that demographic that I'm surprised I love it so much.  It's filled with design ideas, clever ways to reuse old items, delcious easy healthy recipes, what's not to love?  When I discovered that I'm too young, single, and voluntarily infertile to be targeted as a reader, I felt similarly to when I knew I was too old for "Seventeen Magazine" when I was like 12.  DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO READ, MAGAZINE INDUSTRY.

Anyway, I've been doing a pretty good job at checking off the ole moving to-do list and was all geared up to pack a bunch of stuff this morning when two things stood in my way.  1) We had a small get-together with Ed's friends last night and it was either the 3rd Irish Car Bomb or that last glass of wine that made it impossible to wake up before 11am.  And 2) when Ed was cleaning out the office closet, he found his old Nintendo 64 console with MarioKart and well, we spent the next hour and a half fairly distracted.

I have to get on the ball the next couple of days because this week is the busiest week ever.  Like, no one should be this busy before they, you know, MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY.  Ed's dad's birthday, a wedding reception across the state, picking up and loading the truck, and saying our last good-byes to the friends still in Michigan. 

Ok, before round 2 of who knows of saying good-bye begins with dinner and drinks with Ed's former roommate and dear friend, I must tackle a few boxes.  I'll leave you with some pictures of our 4th of July, water skiing on the Detroit river.

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  1. real simple is a pretty trendy magazine...