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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mission accomplished

Day 30!!

To celebrate: plaid shirt and a dress.  Plaid and a dress, yessir.

To think, just last week I was sure this dress was going to end up in the Goodwill pile, certain I'd never think of any way to wear it without it being a frumpy nothing dress and today it's in my top 5 favorites.

Tomorrow I'll recap.  Tonight, I sleep (and dream about wearing other pants! And shoes!  And cardigans!)


  1. Hi, fellow remixer here, too slowly getting around to visiting all of the remixers blogs. Congratulations on sticking it out to the end...and I'm glad you saved that dress from the Goodwill pile!

  2. Love the plaid. Super cute! I love the 30 for 30's. You ladies are sooo creative at the remixes!

    Just found your blog, excited to follow!

  3. Ah, your hair is so cute! And I love the plaid shirt under that dress. Very fun!

    Kristine. Or Polly.