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Monday, December 27, 2010

The real world

I hope everyone had a relaxing and refreshing break!  For those that are students, you are still enjoying your break.  Me, I gotta go back to my internship.  For whatever reason Austin Electric, Time Warner Cable or my landlord will not accept "But it's winter break!" for an excuse for truant payments.  Scrooges.

Anyway, now that my cord and I have been reunited, here are a few pictures.  Really, only a few.  I'm not the taking-pictures-all-the-time kinda lady.  I usually don't remember to bring my camera anywhere.  And when I do remember, I forget I have it.  Or if I have it and I remember then I don't have any batteries.  Or if I do have it, remember it, and it has batteries, I just don't take any damn pictures.

This is Ed and I before heading to a family gathering.  My mom got me the floral blouse and striped cardigan and when I opened it I said "This would look great together!"  My mother and Ed looked at me like I was crazy and Ed said "But you can't mix patterns..."  Oh contraire, good sir.
My mom also got Ed that shirt.  And yes, he always looks that annoyed in front of a camera.  You should see his driver's license picture, good lord.

The next day we went to Ann Arbor to visit my bestest bud Carrie.  She is quite stylish and I've always been envious of her hair.
Carrie knows how to work a good pair of boots.  If there's anyone I know who can so effortlessly mix function and fashion, it's this here lady.

Another outfit.  No ocassion, really, but as you can see Michigan brings out the plaid, vests, and black cord pants.

Ed noticed that I'm never so matchy-matchy.  It wasn't on purpose; I hadn't showered, my hair was kind of gross and this was the only hat I brought.

And finally, my coat!  I love this coat so much.  The only thing that I really miss about cold weather is getting to sport this everyday.  I got it at a vintage store in Traverse City, Michigan for $35.  It is 100% wool and very warm (and scratchy).  Ed actually had to TALK ME INTO buying it because I thought it was too expensive.  You know you have a keeper when he encourages you to buy affordable vintage.
Please pay no attention to the missing bottom button.
We were on our way to a party, hence the beers. 

I spent most of the rest of my days in pajamas.  I did a good job remixing what I had and I do feel bad that I didn't get a picture of what I wore on Christmas because it was cute.

How did everyone else's holiday packing work out?

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