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Monday, February 7, 2011

The dress story

For some reason, my eyes were closed in all my pictures this morning.  Maybe it's a Monday thing?  Maybe the sun was in my eyes.  Yes, the sun.  Anyway, because of the squinty pictures and my brain being totally fried from my web design homework, you only get these two pictures and a funny boring story about this dress.

So I bought this dress in July of 2007 for the sole purpose of wearing it on Ed and mine's first date.  It was on mega-sale at Urban Outfitters, but it didn't fit quite right (it's a little too big around my middle).  Because it bunched weird around my waist when I belted it, combined with the material being very thin and my fear that my very sweaty July body would sweat right through it on a FIRST DATE, I didn't end up wearing it.

Because I bought it specifically for the (otherwise successful) date, I returned it.  A few weeks later I'm again shopping at Urban Outfitters and still, this dress is sitting on the sale rack.  It still doesn't fit quite right but for whatever reason, I decide to buy it again.

Besides a few "I'm going to wear this dress if it kills me" days over the years, it hasn't seen the light of day until today, under a sweater, where it doesn't matter that its (still) a little too big around the middle.  Welcome, dress, to the world!

I'm glad my relationship with Ed didn't turn out so love/hate as my relationship with this stupid thing.

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: unknown, thrifted
Tights: I don't know, probably F21
Boots: via DSW
Belt: H&M
Squinty eyes: I blame it on my photographer


  1. You bought it TWICE?! Haha I love that story! :) I'm glad you and Ed were more successful than your worn-once dress. It does look great under the sweater!

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  2. lol you are awesome! i would have ended up doing the same thing :)