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Friday, February 25, 2011

Feeling better

I wanted to take a break from all my HTMLing and CSSing (oh Web design class, you never disappoint) to talk about a few things on my mind--and fair warning, the follow contains my political leanings.  Consider yourselves warned.

There is a lot of shit going on in the country (and world) right now.  Whatever your stance on abortion, defunding Planned Parenthood is absurd.  PP provides a wide range of health and educational services for (mostly poor and rural) women across the country.  Taking away their funding just at a time when people are relying on the most because of a tiny percentage of one LEGAL service they provide is infuriating and heart-breaking.  This is an attack on women's health.

Underfunding public education--including, of course, public libraries--is irresponsible and is very telling of how completely and totally backwards our country's priorities are.  If we can't educate our communities, there is absolutely no hope of ever turning this around.

To the protesters in Wisconsin: GO YOU.  I don't know much about the struggle, admittedly, but whatever side I happen to fall on, any well-organized, respectful and peaceful protest is a victory in my book. 

Politics get me more riled than they should; I legitimately worry about my country and my generation's future, sometimes to the point of not being able to sleep (I've been there this week, several times).  During the 2008 election season, my anxiety over the election and the uncertainty of (and having no control over)  the outcome sent me to therapy.  Yeah, I often carry the weight of the world on my back and its something that I'm working on.  In these moments, I have to focus on what I have control over.

Today, I'm happy to be busy with school work and household chores.  I'm happy to have an apartment filled mostly with luxuries, that I share with a person I love.  I'm happy we both have jobs, can pay our bills, and have family that is willing to support us if we can't.  I'm happy the sun is shining and I had to take off my light sweater outside in February.  I'm happy to live simply and surround myself with nourishing things.

What do you do to lighten the mood when you find yourself cursing at your newsfeed all day?

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