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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Y'all, I stole this look from Kendi.  Funny story, though, it is.

A week ago, Texas experienced something crazy. Something no one in the state had ever dreamed of before.  Something for which Texas was totally unprepared: cold weather.  The weather was so cold in fact, that electricity around the state was shut off periodically because so many people were warming their houses that there just wasn't enough to go around.

I had planned to wear this skirt differently, with a different top entirely.  But I hadn't tried it out the night before (which I usually do with a brand-new outfit).  So the morning of COLD WEATHER found me in the shower, without power.  Because it was totally dark, I didn't want to try something new without even being able to see how it looked.  I remembered this outfit of Kendi's and stole it last minute.

Kendi, I'm sorry.  Texas made me do it.
Also, you only get one photo because it was too cold for outdoor pictures and the lighting in my apartment is abysmal.
Skirt: Gap with gift card
Sweater: thrifted
Button down: Brooks Brothers, thrifted
Tights: UO
Boots: via DSW
Scarf: boutique in Ann Arbor, MI

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