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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Date night

On Friday, Ed surprised me by announcing he had made reservations for the two of us at a semi-fancy restaurant nearby.  Ed is probably the least romantic person I know.  (Ok, in all fairness, he's just romantic in his own way.  A way that is usually very cheap.)  He even followed it up by taking me to the second-highest point in Austin to watch the sunset.  We came home and watched "Alien," his favorite movie.  That Ed, sometimes.

We agreed to do a mutual no-spend month for April on account of a million reasons, mostly that we've overshot our budget the last couple of months.  So I think this all-out $70+ dinner was our one last hurrah.  Also, it takes no convincing to give me an excuse to get all dolled up.

I'm looking longingly at my shoes.  They're new (overspending!) and I seriously am in love with them.  I catch myself staring at them constantly.  Ed was a little bit of an intruder on mine and my shoe's date night.

Skirt: Tulle
Blouse: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden "Daydreem"
Loving look: My shoe's little laces and cut-outs and yessss

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  1. I love Tulle! What a great idea for anti-spending April. Mike and I have been over-extending ourselves a great deal lately, too. Good luck and keep us updated.

    And what a great date night!