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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To-do lists

Do y'all make to-do lists?  Of course you do, they are totally reasonable.  Everyone who doesn't make to-do lists, wants to, I'm sure of it.

My to-do list is about 47 items long today.  I'm having the hardest time re-adjusting to a school schedule (and my new job starts next week, so I better re-adjust quickly).  The thing is, I spent all of spring break napping and reading.  Napping and reading!  Life's two greatest pleasures.  Now I have to learn JavaScript?  I have to run errands?  I have applications for things? Exercise?!  No, thank you.  I'd rather nap.

This outfit is from a date night.  We saw "Paul" with a couple of friends.  I don't normally see comedies at theaters because I'm grumpy and rarely find them funny, but this one was!  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost write "smart" comedies--the writing is great and they make a lot of references to Sci-Fi movies (a particular favorite of mine).  So, um, go see it!

Dress: boutique in Chicago
Blouse: boutique in San Marcos, TX of all places
Shoes: UO
80 degrees and windy: a normal spring day in Texas

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