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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recipe: Tilapia Cakes

Every so often someone will ask me what I eat for dinner and when I give them an example, they always say "So fancy!"  Ed and I have taken to doing this ourselves: "What are we having for dinner?" I'll say. "Homemade pizza," he replies.  "So fancy!"  And so on.  We really don't eat anything fancy, we don't have the time!  We do make a lot of things from scratch, which I guess in the era of Schwann's and Marie Calendar is pretty fancy.  But let me let you in on a secret: Real Simple.  I subscribe to Real Simple magazine just for the recipes.  Most of the time the ingredients are way outside our budget, but in the off chance you find one you can afford, it will never let you down. 

Last week, we feasted on Dijon Tilapia Cakes.  You guys, believe me when I say I actually feel sorry for anyone who hasn't had this dish.  It is delicious.  So delicious, in fact, that we tried a variation on it again this week using salmon, and we still prefer the tilapia version (and y'all, tilapia around these parts is under $6 a pound.) (Also, if you buy farm-raised from the United States, the environment will thank you.)

Without further ado, Real Simple's Tilapia Cakes.  (We didn't take a picture, so Real Simple's will have to suffice.)
1. Bake 4 6-oz tilapia fillets on 400 degrees for about 10 minutes with a touch of salt and pepper.
2. While fish is cooking, combine 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 2 fresh farmer's market eggs (the quality of eggs makes all the difference!), 1 tablespoon dijon mustard, and a handful of fresh dill (or a few shakes dried). (Newton's First Law: Mayo + eggs = deliciousness)
3. Once fish is cooked, allow to cool for a few minutes.  Once cooled, break it up into flakes and add it to the mayo/mustard/egg mixture.  Fold in 3/4 cups breadcrumbs and combine.
4. Form into 8 patties and if you have the time, refrigerate for half an hour; if you don't, stick 'em in the freezer for 5 minutes.  Fry patties in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil until golden, about 5 minutes a side.
5. Serve with a side salad and homemade dressing using the dijon mustard.

Please eat this.  Now.  It will change your life.


  1. That looks so much better than the tomato and mayo sandwich I had tonight :(

    I really love crab cakes, so I know I'll love this recipe. Plus, I have some tilapia in the freezer that I need to cook.

    Let me know how you like the Abita!

  2. I just emailed myself this recipe...thanks! I must have missed it in Real Simple. I'm a subscriber too. :) This looks delicous!

    Better Than A Milk Mustache