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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Anyone tired of me talking about the weather yet?  Well get used to it, folks.  It's only April and already 100 degrees.  I have about 6 more months of complaining to do.

This post, however, is about my second favorite topic: shoes.  Ed and I are planning a trip to San Francisco this summer.  I've only been there twice, but the one thing I know is that you need a good pair of walking shoes.  Two, at least.  Per day.  (Side note: someone today told me that I'm an "exaggerator."  Me?!)  I was recently commenting to Ed that I could use another pair of cute, comfortable shoes to walk around San Francisco in and he suggested that I look into loafers.  Pfft, loafers, I foolishly thought.  I think I could probably ask my mom to borrow a pair.  Ha! Get it, because loafers are for old ladies!  (All the while, of course, thinking, YES, with tassels, please!)

And then I went to Savers.  And then I browsed the shoe section WILLING a pair of 8.5 loafers (with tassels, of course) to appear.  And then:
Y'all, they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned, and I've owned two pairs of TOMS.  And tassels.  And I WILLED them into existence.  With my will!

I didn't wear them until today, though, a week later, because I couldn't find the perfect loafer-worthy outfit.  I ultimately decided simple is better.  The tassels speak for themselves, people.

Dress: Old Navy
Belt and shoes: thrifted, Savers
Sassy poses: c/o tasseled loafers


  1. Perhaps you have discovered what I(your mom)has known for years. Loafers are not "old people" shoes after all, but rather "wise people who never want bunions" shoes. Comfort should always trump style. Don't you think?

  2. Shall the two never be mutually exclusive.

  3. I used to live in SF! Bring lots of layers and I hope you have fun! :D Lots of great shopping there too.