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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dropping the balls

Really, I haven't posted since Tuesday?  You know, this is just a fun little way to occupy a few minutes of my time each week and I'm not going to beat myself for not keeping up exactly with this little "challenge."  But I do note how sucky I am.

I'm at work where the computer is slow and I'm supposed to post some music I've been enjoying lately.  Here is where I have an embarassing admission: despite my Radiohead tattoo and the years of my adolesence spent pining over this or that band, I don't really listen to music anymore.  I've always considered music to be a fairly private thing for me; I don't like listening to "my" music in the presence of anyone else and since I started living with Ed, I have very little alone time.  Though Ed and I do share some musical tastes, the kind of music I like is weird and as such, I like to keep it a little private.  Most of the time spent in the car or on the bus is filled with the noise of podcasts.  Like every other college educated under-30 year-old, I listen to This American Life fairly exclusively.  Every once in a while, I'll tune into NYC Radiolab or a Ted Talk.  They're good stuff.

But anyways, music.  Once I'm in on a band, I'm pretty much a devoted fan for life (hence the Radiohead tattoo).  I enjoyed The Decemberists in high school and early college, but there was only so much sea shanty I could take in any one sitting.  And then I met Ed.  Ed, a wonderful fellow ex-emo introvert who introduced me to some good stuff.  Like Tarkio, Colin Meloy's (the lead singer of The Decemberists) band from college.  I cannot get enough of their music and it's been a good 2 years since we've been formally introduced.  Here's my favorite tune, I hope you enjoy:

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