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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A broken spoke

Overheard on my bus home; Voter Guy (VG), a young male undergrad carrying a Bill White sign shouting at everyone to GO VOTE! GO VOTE DEMOCRAT! DON'T LIKE TUITION, VOTE BILL WHITE; Wanting-to-be-informed citizen (IC), also a young male undergrad.

VG: Go vote! The reason we have high tuition is because Rick Perry  degregulated tuition increases in 2003!
IC: Give me 3 good reasons I should vote for Bill White.
VG: Uhh, ok. 3 reasons, huh? Ok. Um, he went to Harvard and graduated Magna Cum Laude! And uh...well, what's important to you?
IC: I'm concerned Texas is going to follow Arizona's footsteps about border control.  What does Bill White think about border control?
VG: He thinks we should have tighter border security and stricter penalties for illegal immigrants.
IC: Oh...so I disagree with him about that.  Anything else?
VG: ....
IC: ....
VG: If he doesn't win, the last 4 weeks I campaigned for him will have been a total waste!

And that, my friends, is the future.

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