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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday whirlwhind

Ok, ok, forgive me.  Tuesday before we left was a long day at school and trying to catch up on homework; Wednesday we spent all day driving and traffic was TERRIBLE and I didn't want to blog; Thursday I told myself that if I opened the computer at all, I had to work on my paper, so yeah...; Friday we had a family emergency and a picture just didn't happen; that brings us to today.  Let's get started:

Tuesday was casual at work and by the time I got home from class and Ed got home from work, it was dark and I was grumpy.  So here's our yellow apartment:
I really like yellow with black; I've worn this combination before, but usually for work so not with jeans.  I like it!  (Also, can you believe it's the end of November and I can still wear short sleeves?!)

Wednesday was a busy traveling day, so I needed something that doesn't easily wrinkle: behold, plaid and cords:
I was going to pair this with boots originally, but again it was like 75 degrees outside.

Thanksgiving was great!  Ed and I were at my parent's house and my mom's parents and my mom's sister's family came (my brother and sister-in-law had to work on Friday and couldn't fly in from Maryland).   There was SO. MUCH. FOOD.  And wine. And card games.  And dogs! My mom's sister brought her 2 dachshunds, we had Gus of course, and my parents have a little dog named Lucy who hates me and never moves from in front of the fireplace.

I think I'm really winning her over.
Finally on Thanksgiving Day a cool front came through.  It felt like fall!  Also, I'm wearing a dress as a top.  I am so clever.

Like I said, we had a family emergency on Friday; my parents had to go out of town suddenly and Ed and I stayed to take care of Lucy and wrap up some odds and ends. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture but suffice to say it was a very uncreative combination of an undershirt, black cardigan, skinny jeans and brown boots (within the confines of the 30, yes!).  Y'all really aren't missing much.

In light of this emergency, I wanted to say a little "I'm thankful for" whatever.  I'm so thankful we have our health and health insurance; jobs, which was not the case just a few short months ago; that I have family all over the state that can jump in and take care of each other when we need to; that my parents are still married, financially secure, and healthy; and finally for my new little family, Ed who supports all my crazy ideas and life plans and who moved all the way to Austin without a job or knowing anyone to be with me, and Gus, who challenges us to be more communicative, selfless, and patient.

Happy holidays!

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  1. I like you Thanksgiving outfit. Good to see you are still working the 30!
    The Auspicious Life