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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Theory vs. practice

It's already day 10 and I'm still really excited for the rest of my remixes!  30 articles of clothing is really quite a lot, especially if your peices are versatile.  And because I'm such a planner, it's nice that I wrote out about 20 combinations right from the get-go and every week I can map out what I'll wear and when.  I might just make this a regular thing!

Today's outfit was better in theory.  The tights are always more blue than I imagine them; in my mind, they're a nice navy, in the pictures they came out more BLUE.  By the time I got out of class it was warm enough to ditch the tights, which ended up being a lot cuter, but alas, The Boy only signed up for one photo shoot a day.  Anyway, I really love the sweater vest/shirt dress combo; I think it's the right amount of prep for me.  Any suggestions on how to make it a bit more cooler-weather appropriate without looking like a Smurf rubbed against my legs?
Sweater vest-Yes, another Ann Arbor boutique; Tights, UO

It's 6:45am! You can't laugh so loud at my awkward poses!


  1. i love sweater vests.

    i wish i had legs like yours to wear tights that bring attention to them.

  2. Gah I love this! I'm so glad the remix is going well for you. You obviously thought things through really efficiently.
    The sweater vest with a shirt dress is such a good idea! The tights bring it together nicely, too, because it gives the illusion of wearing pants.
    I hate what I've picked and I want to give up pretty bad. I haven't worn anything in three days that I put in my mix.

  3. Love the idea of a sweater vest over a shirt dress. I kinda think I'm gonna steal that idea! I promise to credit YOUR brilliance.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!