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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Intentions and such

My mother reminded me yesterday that I haven't yet blogged a "New Years Resolutions" post.  My father always jokes that his resolutions are "To lose weight and be a better person."  Those have been his resolutions since at least I've been alive.  Mentioning my parents twice in one paragraph?  It's because they're the only ones reading it.

I agree with most people that resolutions are only ways to set yourself up for failure.  Thats why I try to make meaningful, intentional resolutions for the year.  Nothing like "lose weight" or "save more money," but more life-changing, mood-enhancing intentions like "admit when I'm wrong more often" (two years ago) or "learn to trust my gut" (last year).  Those are the big ones, the ones you can't fail doing.  I'm a strong believer in the process, not the product (but really only because of the last few year's intentions). 

Here goes.

1. Get serious about my health.  Physically, I need to listen to my body more.  I need to be better at knowing when I'm hungry, when my body is nutrient deficient, when I'm lethargic, when I'm distracted.  My diet, like all diets, could use some improvement, and sure I should exercise more often.  But mostly I want to listen to what my body is telling me it needs.  I want to focus on nourishment.  I want to deepen my understanding of my body as an ecosystem. Which brings me to...

2. Listen more.  I'm not a very good listener, I'm embarrassed to admit.  Too often I get lost in my own anxiety and perfectionism; I pay more attention to how I think the other person is perceiving me, or relaying a faux pas, or trying to be witty, than actually listening to other person speak and responding to it.  It's a novel idea, I know.  Similarly, I want to listen to myself more often.  This is similar to last year's "learn to trust my gut" but, perhaps, more focused.  I need to set time to actually listen to my thoughts.  If I'm feeling anxious, try to pinpoint the source.  If I'm feeling cranky, try to understand what I'm lacking.  Behavior is the language of needs and I need to become more fluent in my own.

3. Stop buying new things unless absolutely necessary.  It's not just to save money (though that's always a bonus), but because the energy and human resources necessary to grow raw materials, process, manufacture, and ship all of our stuff is just too much.  It's no longer a system I can comfortably be a part of.  Buying things second-hand is a way to reduce waste, shop locally, and rely less on international production and shipping.  I tried to do this before, but I'm feeling unusually committed this time around.  And really, I have everything I need anyway.

Are you ready for some clothes now?  I'm particularly proud of this one because EVERYTHING was purchased either second-hand or with a gift card. (While a gift card certainly isn't promoting sustainable production, the way I see it is that a particular store was supported with the gift card was purchased.)

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, thrifted
Skirt: Gap, thrifted
Tights: TJ Maxx with gift card
Shoes: UO with gift card
Belt: H&M, gift
Disheveled hair: Dad's side of the family

So that's it: my year's intentions.  I'm hoping you guys will keep me honest and accountable.  Or if not, just tell me how cute I am.

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