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Saturday, January 8, 2011

All in

Last night Ed and I went to a concert on the (in)famous 6th street.  Shamefully, this was our first concert in Austin.  We don't love Austin, you see, and part of us is rebelling against the OHMYGODAUSTINISTHEBESTPLACEEVER crowd (which is, um, everyone).  But it's Free Week, which means a bunch of music venues are hosting local bands with no covers.  A friend invited us to one.  Y'all, they were so good!  And I used to know the keyboardist in high school!  Small world! 

We decided that at least once a month we're going to do something Austin-y.  So there, Austin lovers, get off our backs.

This is not what I wore to the show.  I wore a variation on this number, but with boots and knee-socks.  Obviously I didn't take a picture.
I wore this a few days ago when the weather still approximated winter (today, by contrast, is 73 degrees).  ALSO: I took these by myself! With a tripod!  Ed was working late and if we don't get these in when the sun is still out, just forget about it.  Please accept this as explanation for my silly face.
I'm still trying to figure out a proper hair care regimen.  Some days my hair is awesome and curly, some days its like this.  Bear with me.

Dress: American Apparel
Vest: F21
Tights, UO
Boots, via DSW
Dopey look: because I'm using a timer and am confused by it

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